Web Freer Free Download Full Version

Web Freer Free Download Full Version

Web Freer Free Download Full Version

Web Freer free download is a web browser that has some extra features from the other browsers. It is fast, secure, powerful and lite browser as compared to others

By using web freer, you will get full control on the history and sharing settings. You are the one who can secure and make your data private to protect it from other users. Just open and forget about the fear of stealing of your data.

It changes your IP address so that hackers and internet hijackers can’t get your secrecy. By this feature you can access on all the blocked sites in your region like Youtube, Facebook, etc.

Web Freer Features:

  1. Secures your IP address to ensure privacy.
  2. Ensures anonymity while you are using internet connection.
  3. Fast speed and powerful web browser.
  4. Improved security settings.
  5. Chromium Based browser experience.
  6. Easy to use and time saving.
  7. Multi-search engines.
  8. All websites could be accessed by Web Freer. Even if it is blocked in your country.
  9. Supports auto HTTP connections.
  10. Works on same principles like other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc.
  11. Compatible for almost all operating systems.

Easily Supported Operating Systems by Web Freer

  1. Windows vista.
  2. Windows XP.
  3. Windows server 2003.
  4. Windows Server 2008.
  5. Windows 7, 8 and 8.1.
  6. Windows 10.


This is a freeware software product, you don’t need any registration key or crack to make ti full version. Just download, install and get ready to rock but don’t forget to your this interesting thing to your friends.

Video Tutorial:

This video tutorial will tell you that why web freer is important.

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Web Freer Free Download Full Version

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